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  • The long dark leaves of our sencha blend beautifully with invigorating ginseng and antioxidant packed honeybush. Refreshing lemon, stimulating peppermint and a touch of vanilla are also added to create a delicious and healthful blend. 3.5 oz can (Makes 40-45 cups)

  • Our certified Organic Green Tea is hand-rolled into small shiny nuggets and resembles gunpowder giving this tea its distinct name. Gunpowder is one of the most popular teas throughout Asia. Our harvesters pick fresher, sweeter leaves than those used for standard gunpowder. A special rolling technique is used to craft these shiny, compact nuggets of tea. The result is an immaculately clean, perfectly transparent liquor with a smooth, slightly astringent taste followed by the subtle aftertaste of fresh green leaves. 3.5 oz can (Makes 45-50 cups)

  • The sweet, fruity, slightly tart flavor of wild berries blends with our Assam high mountain green leaves to create a unique refreshing tea.

Showing all 3 results