Online Ordering FAQ


Who delivers orders for City Brew?
We have partnered with 3rd party delivery company DoorDash to provide timely deliveries across the cities we serve. All drivers are independent of City Brew – we focus on making great coffee and let them focus on a great delivery experience.

Does that mean I can order City Brew on the DoorDash App?
While we are working to be available on the DoorDash marketplace, the current way to order delivery is by using the link on

How can I get updates on my delivery or contact my driver if they don’t seem to be finding me?
When submitting your delivery order, make sure you enter a MOBILE phone number. A text message will be sent to your phone letting you know who your driver is, as well as how to contact them.

How much does delivery cost?
A delivery will cost $5.99 unless otherwise stated; however, this fee will be waived if you order more than $25 on a single order.

If I have an issue with my delivery order. How can I get it resolved?
We’re very sorry you ran into an issue. If you have an issue that requires immediate attention, such as:

  • Your order hasn’t been picked up from the store for more than 20 minutes.
  • Your order was incorrect.
  • You wish to cancel your order.

Please call the store you ordered from. If you are unsure what store you ordered from, check your email provided at checkout for a digital receipt. If you are unsure of your location’s phone number, you can look it up on Google, or at

If you have an issue such as:

  • The quality of your product did not meet your expectations.
  • Your driver was rude or angry.
  • You wish certain items were on the Online Ordering Menu.

Please let us know on our Contact Us page, or by messaging us on Facebook.

I want to provide feedback on a particularly great delivery driver. How can I do that?
We’re glad you had a great experience! Please let us know on our Contact Us page, or by messaging us on Facebook.


How can I pay for my order?
At the moment, the only payment accepted for online orders will be a credit card through the website. This means you cannot pay at the store, and you cannot use a gift card or cash.

Can I get loyalty points through online ordering?
Unfortunately, orders made online are not eligible for loyalty points, nor can you use your loyalty rewards.

When can I pick my order up?
When you place your order, it will have an estimated time for pickup. We strive to make sure every order is ready at the stated time, so please be at the store to pick up your order at the stated time. If you wish, you can schedule an order in the future to account for travel time to the store.

Where can I pick my order up?
If you placed a carry-out order, you can pick it up in the store you ordered from without waiting in line – simply inquire about your order to the baristas preparing drinks. You may also pick up through the drive-thru – at the window let your barista know you are there to pick up an order.

If you check the “Bring my order to my car” option at checkout, park in one of the designated pickup spots and call the store you ordered from (phone numbers can be found at A barista will then bring your order directly to your vehicle.

How come _______ isn’t on the menu?
We offer a limited menu for Online Ordering. This is to keep the ordering experience simple for every single customer, as well as maintain the speedy service you are used to at City Brew. However, if you would like to request an item be added, please let us know on our Contact Us page, or by messaging us on Facebook.

I would like to place an order for someone else, but I am in a different time zone. When should I place the order?
All times listed on the online ordering page are in Mountain Time. For example, if you wish to place an order for 11:45 am Eastern Time, make sure you convert that 9:45 am Mountian time, and place the order for then.