How City Brew Perks Points Work

How do I join the City Brew Perks Program?

Becoming a Perks Points Program member is quick and easy. Simply purchase a City Brew gift card at your favorite City Brew store, then go online to You’ll then be able to create an account and register your card using the 14-digit number on the back. From that point on, whenever you use your card, you’ll also earn Perks Points.

How much money do I need to put on my new City Brew Card in order to participate in the City Brew Perks Program?

You can opt to add as little as $5 to your new card.

Do I need to be a registered member of the City Brew Perks Program to earn and redeem Perks Points?

Yes. You must be a member of the program and pay with a registered card to earn Perks Points and redeem rewards at participating City Brew locations.

What is a registered City Brew card?

This is any card (also referred to as a gift card) you have registered to your City Brew Perks account. Cards can be registered at If you are a current City Brew Perks Program member, please log in to see which cards are currently registered to your account.

Can one card be registered to more than one account so that I can share it with someone?

A card can be registered to one account only. The good news? The rewards you earn are all yours to enjoy!

Do I have to pay a membership fee to join the City Brew Perks Program?

There is no membership fee required to join or participate in the program at any level.

Do Perks Points expire?

All good things must come to an end – including Perks Points. You have one year to accumulate enough Perks Points to reach the Gold or Platinum level. If you don’t earn enough points for each level within that 12 months, your Perks Points will drop to the lower corresponding level you do earn within in that 12 month period.

Why do I have to register to join the City Brew Perks program?

Registering your card and creating an account with us ensures we have the contact information needed to notify you of special offers, send you coupons for a free drink or food item on your birthday and provide updates about your City Brew Perks account.

What is a Bonus Perks Point?

Everybody loves getting a little something extra – and we’re no different. That’s why there will be times we offer City Brew Perks Points Program members the chance to earn bonus points. When you purchase one of our featured products, you will receive not only your usual Perks Point for the transaction, you’ll also get one or more extra points just for purchasing the featured product. That means you get to earn points (and rewards) even faster!

Uh-oh! What if I have to pay for half of my purchase on my City Brew card and half with a debit or credit card? Can I still earn a Perks Point?

Yes, you will earn a Perks Point as long as you utilize the balance of your City Brew card to complete your transaction.

Will I earn points and receive benefits at all City Brew stores and kiosks?

Perks Points can be earned for each transaction at all participating City Brew store and kiosk locations.

How do I receive special offers and discounts?

We will send special offers, notifications and discounts via email to the address you provide. You may also opt in to receive texts from City Brew when you register for your City Brew Perks account.

I'm moving across the country and will no longer be near a City Brew location. Can I transfer my membership and points to a friend?

We’re sorry to hear that you’re leaving us, but unfortunately memberships, points and rewards are non-transferrable.

Earning Perks Points With Multiple Cards

I just received some City Brew cards as a gift. Can I register and use them to earn City Brew Perks Points?

Although you can only have one Perks Points account, you can register and use multiple cards to earn points. Simply go online and enter the 14-digit number from the back of each card, then use the card as usual. It’s a great way to maximize birthday, seasonal and other City Brew cards you receive.

So any City Brew Card registered to my Perks Points account will help me earn points and program benefits?


If I have several City Brew Cards registered to my account, will I also receive a birthday reward for each one?

Although we are glad to send lots of birthday wishes to you as a valued Perks Points member, you will only receive one birthday reward per account.

What if my City Brew Card doesn't have a 14-digit code?

Some older City Brew cards have a 19-digit number on the back; you may register those the same way as newer cards.

How does City Brew manage personal information?

We are committed to keeping your information private. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for details about the steps we take to protect you and the information you share with us.

What happens if I lose a card I've registered on my account?

Unfortunately, we cannot replace City Brew cards, even after they’ve been registered.

Accumulating Perks Points

Are Perks Points based on the number of drinks I purchase? In other words, if I buy 2 drinks in one transaction today, will I get 2 Perks Points?

Your Perks Points are based on the number of transactions you complete, not the number of items you purchase at once. Whether you purchase one, two or three items in one transaction, you will receive one Perks Point. But here’s the good news: from time to time we will offer bonus Perks Points on specific items. Be sure to look for them when you visit the store or in communications from your Perks Points team.

What do I need to do to maintain my Gold level status?

To maintain your Gold level requires earning just 5 Perks Points within a 12-month period.

How do I maintain Platinum level status?

Congratulations on achieving Platinum level status! You will be at this level for a full year from the date on which you qualified. You’ll just need to earn 30 additional points within 12 months of earning your Platinum status, and you’ll continue to stay at that level. If you drop below 30 Perks Points in the 12 months following the date you qualified for Platinum, your account will reset to the lower corresponding level you do earn within that 12 month period.

Redeeming Perks Rewards

How soon is a reward available to redeem once I've earned it? Can I use it in the same transaction that I acquire my twelfth Perks Point?

Although your reward is not available instantaneously, it is usually available to be redeemed within 24 hours of earning your qualifying points.

How do I redeem my free birthday drink and other rewards?

You’ll receive an email or text message from us that includes a one-time-use coupon code. Take it, along with your City Brew card to a participating store or kiosk, and present them to your barista. When you have a reward on your account, we’ll send you an email and/or text. Remember to use this before it expires (30 days after reward is earned.)

Will my City Brew barista notify me if I have a reward waiting on my City Brew card?

Our amazing baristas are experts at brewing and serving up delicious coffee, but do not have access to your City Brew Perks account. As such, they are unable to notify you if a reward awaits you. Be sure to look for emails and text messages letting you know about pending rewards, or check your rewards status online.

My birthday is coming up soon - how will I know if my free birthday reward or free drink or food reward loaded on my Card?

Happy birthday! Look for an email that will include a code and information letting you know that your reward is ready to redeem. Not sure if we have your current email address? Log in to your account now to confirm your address so that you make sure to receive your email alert. While you’re there, you can also see if there are any rewards waiting for your to redeem them. Remember, rewards expire 30 days after you earn them, so act fast!

Will I receive my birthday reward on my actual birthday?

You will usually receive your email notification a few days before your birthday. Make sure you include your birthday and your frequently used email address when you register so that you receive this notification.

Can I get any drink or food item I want when I redeem my free reward? If not, what items are included?

Get ready to smile, because you’re going to love this answer. You get to choose your free food or drink item from any of our delicious single-serve beverages and treats. When you want to redeem your free item reward, just tell your barista when you give them your card and rewards notification. The highest priced eligible item on your transaction will be free.

So I can redeem my free birthday code at any City Brew location?

Yes, you may redeem your birthday reward at any participating City Brew store or kiosk.

Do I have to redeem my free drink or food reward as soon as it's earned or do I get to choose?

You are in absolute control of when and how you use your City Brew Perks rewards. Just present your rewards notification to your barista, and he or she will take it from them. One reminder – rewards expire 30 days after they are earned. Yes. You are in control of your rewards!

I am a City Brew regular, so I accrue Perks Points quickly. Can I earn more than 1 free reward before I redeem them? If so, is there a limit to how many rewards I can redeem at once?

First, let us thank you for being one of our frequent customers. As such, we want to make sure you have the chance to earn and redeem maximum rewards. You’ll continue to earn 1 free reward for every 12 Perks Points, and those rewards will remain available for 30 days after you earn them. Provided you use each reward before it expires, you can redeem them all at once or spread them out over several visits – you get to choose.

My birthday is tomorrow. Is it too late to signup and get my free birthday reward?

Happy birthday! But we’re sorry to tell you that you have to signup for City Brew Perks at least 30 days before your birthday in order to receive your reward

Freebies and Other Benefits

I understand that as a Gold or Platinum level City Brew Perks member, I am eligible for free refills on brewed or iced coffee and tea. How does that work?

Regardless of the original beverage purchased, Gold and Platinum level City Brew Perks members can receive free refills on brewed or iced coffee or tea during their visit to a participating City Brew store. During that visit, just present your registered City Brew Card to the barista for your free refill. Some restrictions apply; please review the brochure that accompanied your City Brew Card.